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January 1, 2009

Area and Perimeter

GCSE Questions on Area and Perimeter – 29 questions taken from AQA Intermediate and Higher Papers. The worksheet contains space for pupils to write down their answers. A snapshot of the first two pages is below.


January 16, 2008

Area and Circumference of Circles

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Basic skills check starter sheet containing 40 quick questions about doubling, squaring and BIDMAS

Number up getting ready for Circles

Worksheets: applying-circle-knowledge.doc – finding the area and perimeter of parts of circles and finding shaded areas. test-on-circle-stuff.doc – an end-of-unit test on circles area-problem-cards.doc – finding the shaded area and area of curvy shapes Area of circles table Complete the table to find areas of circles, and radius/diameter given the area circles-working-backwards.jpg Working backwards to find the radius/diameter given the circumference/area. Here are the answers: circles-working-backwards-answers Garden diagram area circles area-circles-garden-diagram-questions.jpgDiagram of a garden for applying area of circles knowledge and question table. Online Assessments (can only access with Mymaths user name and password): 1) Area of circles 2) Circumference of circles

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