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August 9, 2008


I am dead impressed by this puzzle I discovered recently, called Futoshiki. It could be used after a lesson on inequalities to reinforce the meaning of the symbols, and also aid the development of logical thinking via problem solving.

An example of a puzzle is below.

Some links to good online Futoshiki sites are below:

February 16, 2008


Filed under: algebra,Exam Questions,Inequalities,Shaded regions — Maths Chick @ 6:52 pm

Exam questions on inequalities that you can download or view on the Smart Board in a lesson.

inequalities-09.jpg inequalities-08.jpg inequalities-10.jpg inequalities-11.jpg 


Here is a worksheet on shaded regions. Grids are drawn so that pupils can write their answers directly onto the sheet, saving pecious time in a lesson.


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