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February 10, 2009

Graph Paper

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There are loads of different websites that enable you to make many kinds of graph paper. Often the results are not pleasing after they have been printed.

Today I was printing off some isometric dotty paper for one of my classes and found this excellent site (Sharpe Maths) that allows you to specify the dot or line thicknesses and colours that you require.


April 18, 2008

C2 Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

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Chapter 8 Trig Graphs – a PowerPoint outlining the important information in Chapter 8 that pupils need to learn. Details have been omitted from diagrams, so that you can add them as you go through the presentation with the students. I print the slide handouts for the students and they annotate them with the relevant details. This speeds up the teaching which helps you get more maths done!

These are the special Trigonometric Ratios that pupils need to learn

January 28, 2008

Simultaneous Equations

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simultaneous-equations-and-graphs-starter.doc – suitable for Y9 or Y10 pupils.

Basic simultaneous equations starters – suitable for Y9 and Y10 pupils. 4 questions, 2 of which are worded.


Here are 6 questions you can go over with your class to help them solve simultaneous equations.


simultaneous-equations-by-level – all of these questions are graded according to their level of difficulty. Two extension questions are included at the end of the sheet for more able pupils to complete if they have finished the rest of the sheet before everyone else.

January 15, 2008

Linear Graphs

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Online Activites

Mangahigh have got a very nice collection of multiple choice tasks.



exploring-and-plotting-graphs.doc – Investigating y = mx + c by plotting linear functions.

finding-the-gradient-of-lines-on-a-simple-grid.jpg Finding the gradients of lines on a simple grid.

straight-line-equations-intro-pupil-sheet.doc  – introducing finding y = mx + c gently. Speed up sheet.

finding-equations-1.jpg Finding the equations of lines with positive gradients.

finding-equations-2.jpg Finding the equations of lines with negative gradients.


Midpoints (D Grade) on Mangahigh

match-the-linear-graph-to-its-equation.doc – sorting cards

Save our dumb planet! on Mangahigh

Plotting Coordinates

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There is a lovely game on the Flashy Maths website called Cartesian Alien that develops pupils’ skills at plotting coordinates in all four quadrants. You can download it to work offline also.


Coordinates of polygons in the 1st quadrant



Starter activities:

starter-graph-plotting.doc results in pupils producing an optical illusion if they follow the instructions correctly.

January 7, 2008


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Constructing Histograms

Histograms mymaths lesson

Histograms mymaths online homework

GCSE Exam Questions on Histograms – a worksheet with 10 exam questions and space for pupils to write their answers on the sheet. A snapshot of the second page is below.


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