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September 22, 2018

Earrings for Maths Teachers

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At the start of term this year I decided that I wanted to accessorise for my lessons with maths earrings. A quick search online led nowhere so I decided to source the parts and make my own. A few weeks in, and I have started selling them to teachers across the world through my Facebook page. This is what I am making at the moment, in between marking and planning lessons, and they can be found at CaraCat Designs on FB if you want some too!

March 23, 2017

Problem Solving Area

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I just developed this resource aimed at Higher GCSE students, where pupils have to use their knowledge of area formulae of various 2D shapes, to find the shaded area. It is not as straightforward as similar tasks I have seen before. Students must use clues to work out facts about some of the shapes before they can find their areas. I hope you enjoy it. My Y10 set 2 are about to go head to head with sets 1 and 3 this afternoon to be the first class to get the answer. However, we are going to award points depending on accuracy. The instruction at the start of the lesson will be to find the area to an appropriate degree of accuracy. An answer correct to 5 s.f. will ultimately earn more points than an answer correct to 1 s.f.


Problem Solving find the shaded area

February 11, 2017

GCSE Revision Quizzes

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I have put a few multiple choice revision quizzes together to help my pupils revise for tests recently, and they seem to really like them. I have used questions from the excellent GCSE Diagnostics Questions web site, and from the UKMT individual challenges to practice problem solving. They work especially well using voting pods with the Active Inspire software. I put pupils into teams, give them about 10-15 mins to work through each round of questions and then hand out a voting pod to each team. They can then enter their answers and I get to keep a copy of the results.


December 10, 2014

Edexcel iGCSE Maths May 2007 Solutions

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mark schemes summer 2007


April 15, 2012

S1 Solomon Paper Powerpoints

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I have started to put together a series of Powerpoints that involve some of my worked solutions to the Statistics Solomon Papers.

I shall post them as I finish them.

S1 Solomon Paper A Powerpoint

July 18, 2011

Compass Constructions and Geometric Patterns

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Whilst perusing the web today for compass patterns, I came across some really nice activites that could be suitable for those end-of-term lessons or for a maths club:

Geometric Patterns – a 24 page activity booklet from the fabulous Cleave Books website

February 8, 2010

Circle Theorems

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Investigating angles of isosceles triangles and cyclic quadrilaterals in a circle using the Virtual Geoboard, care of the lovely NRICH website.

February 2, 2010

UKMT Maths Challenges

The UKMT has recently added a teacher resource page to their website, allowing you to view digital versions of questions from the past papers for the Junior, Intermediate and Senior challenges. An excellent resource for starters for all Key Stages.

September 28, 2009

Worksheet Genius

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Usually when I peruse the latest issue of the TES in our staff room, I look at the magazine and read all about the wonderful resources that are available online, and promptly forget about them as soon as I return to my class room anid the chaos of planning, marking and catching up on long-lost admin.

However, today I followed the link to a fabulous free resource called Worksheet Genius that enables you to produce your own worksheets in a matter of a few clicks. The worksheets are not as interesting as they could be, but when all you want is for your class to get lots of practice at something, these are ideal. You can also print off the answers. What could be better……

September 9, 2009

Singing Pi

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The Pi Song

A Year 8 student in our school submitted this link to us after being inspired by the story of the Boy with the Incredible Brain TV programme, where the first several thousand decimal places of Pi were recited by someone who sees sequences of numbers as landscapes. A fanastic programme to watch with your classes. I found part 1 on Youtube (link above) and I am sure the rest are available on there also.

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