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December 29, 2008

Stem and Leaf Diagrams

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GCSE Exam questions on stem and leaf diagrams – the first page of this worksheet is shown below.


September 22, 2008

Cumulative Frequency

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The website has some really nice resources for teachers.

One of these is the worksheet on cumulative frequency that you can display on the whiteboard easily, so that you can go through a couple of examples with the class to build their confidence.

Here is a worksheet that I put together for my Year 9 class today to speed up the lesson.

Presentations and Videos:

TeacherTube Video 1 – by “keithpeter”

TeacherTube Video 2 – by Mr Corbett

February 22, 2008

Measures of Average and Spread

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Medians and Quartiles – Three worksheets with questions on finding the median, quartiles, deciles and percentiles from raw data and discrete and grouped frequency tables. Aimed at AS level students.

January 30, 2008

Frequency Tables


Averages from Raw Data. Starter worksheet. Revision of finding the mean, median, mode and range from raw data. Includes answers. Aimed at KS3 students.

frequency-tables-and-frequency-diagrams-basic2.doc – Grouping data, using tally and drawing frequency diagrams.

Speed-up worksheet on discrete and grouped frequency tables – Excel spreadsheet on finding the mean from frequency tables, featuring the answers to this activity. Nice for use with a SmartBoard.

GCSE Exam Questions on Frequency Tables – a worksheet with 15 exam questions on finding the mean, median and mode from discrete and grouped frequency tables. Space is included on the sheet for pupils to write in their answers. A snapshot of the first page is below.



January 7, 2008


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Constructing Histograms

Histograms mymaths lesson

Histograms mymaths online homework

GCSE Exam Questions on Histograms – a worksheet with 10 exam questions and space for pupils to write their answers on the sheet. A snapshot of the second page is below.


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