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January 2, 2009



gcse-exam-questions-on-formulae – 21 questions on using and rearranging formulae have been taken from the old AQA Intermediate and Higher level GCSE papers. Space is given for pupils to write their answers. A snapshot of two of the pages is below.


September 7, 2008

C1 Indices

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Indices Intro C1 – a worksheet about the laws of indices and some example questions for pupils to work through in class to get the hang of before the text book exercises.

July 11, 2008


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Here is a worksheet (factorising-quadratics-puzzle) I made that encourages lower-ability pupils to factorise quadratic expressions when a = 1. Each bracket that appears in the answers can be found in the answer bank, which the pupils have to cross off when each one has been used. There are more brackets than they need, which are highlighted on the teacher’s version of the answer bank.



The excellent website Flashy Maths has a nice interactive game involving factorising quadratic expressions. A nice interface, and you can also download this to play offline for a bigger and better version.

June 2, 2008

C3 Algebraic Fractions

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Class Activities

SImplifying Fractions

Tarsia sorting cards game. Simplify the fractions – match the question to its answer. Beware – there are 18 question cards and 20 answer cards (the addtional answers are red herrings)

question cards, answer cards.


 Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Fractions – some examples to start the lesson with.


February 18, 2008

Solving Linear Equations

Online Activites

The website Flashy Maths has a really nice interactive game for solving linear equations. You can enter the level of difficulty you require. Really nice interface – great for lesson starter or plenary. You can also save this game as a flash application to run offline.

The guys at CIMT have a wonderful supply of maths resources in general and here is a nice online test for solving equations with brackets.

Class Games:

Solving Equations Jeopardy


Solving equations level 1 – 40 very basic equations of the form ax = b or x/a = b. Solutions are all whole numbers.

Solving equations level 2 – 40 basic equations of the form a + x = b and a + bx = c

Solving equations with brackets – 24 questions of the form a(bx + c) = d and a(bx + d) = ex + f

equations-with-fractions.jpg Solving equations with fractions. 15 questions.

equations-with-brackets.jpg Solving equations with brackets.

Solving nasty fraction equations 8 questions on A* equations involving nasty fractions!

Algebra and Functions C2

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 C2 Algebra and Functions Review – an overview of Chapter 1 in the Edexcel text book for C2


C2 Homework Chapter 1 Review A homework sheet containing 3 questions on Algebra and Functions, C2.

February 16, 2008


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Exam questions on inequalities that you can download or view on the Smart Board in a lesson.

inequalities-09.jpg inequalities-08.jpg inequalities-10.jpg inequalities-11.jpg 


Here is a worksheet on shaded regions. Grids are drawn so that pupils can write their answers directly onto the sheet, saving pecious time in a lesson.


February 8, 2008

Algebra Tests

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Algebraic Expressions Test – Suitable for Y9 pupils. Tests multiplying and dividing terms, expanding brackets and factorising linear expressions.

January 28, 2008

Simultaneous Equations

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simultaneous-equations-and-graphs-starter.doc – suitable for Y9 or Y10 pupils.

Basic simultaneous equations starters – suitable for Y9 and Y10 pupils. 4 questions, 2 of which are worded.


Here are 6 questions you can go over with your class to help them solve simultaneous equations.


simultaneous-equations-by-level – all of these questions are graded according to their level of difficulty. Two extension questions are included at the end of the sheet for more able pupils to complete if they have finished the rest of the sheet before everyone else.

January 23, 2008

Brackets and Factorising

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Brackets 3 levels worksheet – a worksheet on brackets organised into 3 levels of increasing difficulty.

expanding-brackets-1.jpg Expanding brackets 1

expanding-brackets-2.jpg Expanding brackets 2

expanding-brackets-3.jpg Expanding brackets 3

expanding-brackets-4.jpg Expanding brackets 4. Two pairs of brackets leading to quadratic expressions.

Expanding 2 pairs of brackets – sheet for pupils to write their answers, formatted as a table.

Worksheets with answers:

Combining Like Terms Kuta Software Infinite Algebra 1

The Distributive Property Kuta Software Infinite Pre-Algebra

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