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June 2, 2008

C3 Algebraic Fractions

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Class Activities

SImplifying Fractions

Tarsia sorting cards game. Simplify the fractions – match the question to its answer. Beware – there are 18 question cards and 20 answer cards (the addtional answers are red herrings)

question cards, answer cards.


 Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Fractions – some examples to start the lesson with.


April 7, 2008


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Trig Jigsaw made using the Tarsia software – match the sin, cos, tan of an angle to its correct value. Designed to reinforce the inverse trig function on a calculator. Pupils should work in small groups (2 or 3 per group)

Trig Dominoes – 12 pairs of questions and answers on basic trig (finding sides and angles). The dominoes should form a continuous loop, so there are no start or finish cards. Designed for work in small groups.

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