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June 14, 2011

S1 Normal Distribution Past Paper Questions

The following questions are from Edexcel exams. Please click on a thumbnail to view an image in full size.

Q2 May 2011

Q4 May 2011

Q8 Jan 2011


April 1, 2009

S1 Past Paper Questions

I have been trawling through S1 Edexcel past papers from the past 7 years and I am putting together some compilations of questions from the topic areas. I will be adding more soon.

Normal Distribution Exam Questions

January 29, 2008

Normal Distribution

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Intro to Normal Distribution


probability-and-the-normal-distribution.doc – Introduction: diagrams with questions and ways to remember how to find probabilities using the z-tables for the Normal Distribution.

Normal distribution and standardising – Finding probabilities. Two examples for pupils one basic, and one worded question.

normal-tables-in-reverse.jpg Four questions about using the normal tables in reverse to find a particular x value, given P(X < x)

finding-mean-sd-or-both.jpg Three questions on finding the mean, standard deviation or both.

S1 Assessment on Normal Distribution 4 questions in a booklet with mark scheme included.

Probability Tables:

Applet for calculating accurate probabilities for shaded areas under the normal curve

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