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January 16, 2008

Surface Area

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surface-area-of-cuboids.doc – finding the surface area of basic cuboids

and the answers to this worksheet … surface-area-of-cuboids-answers.jpg

surface-area-worksheet.doc – finding the surface area of prisms, cones and pyramids.

January 15, 2008


Class Games:

Volume and Surface Area RevisionJeopardy game on mainly cuboids


1) Volumes of Prisms find-the-volume-of-these-prisms-worksheet.doc

2) Volumes of Cylinders volumes-of-cylinders-worksheet.doc

3) A* applied cylinder problems applied-volumes-problems-on-cylinders.doc

4) Working backards to find radius/height when given the volume and the height/radius


5) GCSE Exam Questions on Volume – this sheet contains 22 past AQA exam questions and provides pupils with spaces to write their answers. A snapshot of the first two pages is below.



volumes-cuboids-starter.jpg cylinder and pyramid starter


volumes-cones-pyramids-spheres – aimed at GCSE A* level.

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