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June 14, 2011

S1 Tree Diagrams Past Paper Questions

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The following exam questions are from Edexcel papers.

S1 Jan 2011 Q7 (17 marks)

Q7 cont

Q7 cont

S1 May 2010 Q2 (10 marks)

Q2 cont

Q2 cont

Q2 May 2010


S1 Probability Past Paper Questions

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The following questions are taken from Edexcel exams. Please click on a thumbnail to view an image in its full size.

Q6 May 2011

January 8, 2009

Experimental Probability

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Live Simulations:

Spinner – finding a probability

Dice and spinner simulation – relative frequency

Drawing 10 marbles from a box

All the above were taken from a lesson on the Virtual Manipulatives Website

May 12, 2008


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Interactive card game – learn to count the cards with this nice game from the BBC Skillwise website.


GCSE Exam Questions on Tree Diagrams – a worksheet containing 8 exam questions collated from past papers. A snapshot of the first page is below. Pupils are given space on the sheet to write in their answers.


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